a winner and an unsolved mystery.

Just a few snapshots from this week.
I haven’t been feeling too keen which means little has been happening.
But we did get to go on a little rhine cruise, 
and today we crossed the border into Lorrach, Germany to eat like king & queen for 10 euros.
While JB and I were on foot in this little german village enjoying a stroll, a man slowed his car, stuck his head out, pointed at me and literally said “HA HA HA!”  from the depths of his belly.
My reply was hehehe.  Internet, I could not make this weird exchange up.  
I immediately  thought this was because I was wearing my dress that is BRIGHT neon.
After all I looked like a giant highlighter walking the streets.   I don’t blame him. 
As it is basically the color of a parking cone.
I asked JB if my dress embarrassed him … 
it never does, as he is color blind.  fun JB fact.
but the real reason for this whole exchange has left me scratching my head and will remain a mystery.
unless you can crack it.
{yes, it is laundry day, and we are those poor euro souls who do not have a dryer….
but back to the dress … it’s not that ridiculous!
side note: don’t you love those girls who look so glam smiling with no teeth.  that isn’t me.  toothy smiles seem to be my best bet}

now onto some other photos from this week.  
love those bebe blues.

I was super excited to see that Ashley Lane won the giveaway.  
She is really the sweetest. and writes hi-larious stories of her life.
Congrats Ash Ham!
{send me your address}

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