wine and cheese until ze sun comes up

Have you ever used Pottery Barn’s party planner??  The best ideas ever.  Annnnd it just so happens we are throwing an impromptu wine and cheese “festival” at our place this weekend.  

Here’s how it all came about:

One of our favorite people that we’ve met over here is Bouteloup.  (pronounced boot-uhhh-loop)! Say it.  it is really fun.
 He is a frenchman who in casual conversation the other evening mentioned that his parents took him out of school for a year.  During that time his family spent four months sailing the mediterranean, four months in a camper seeing europe, and four months in America, down to mexico and onto South America.  Oh no big deal, right?  as if he could get ANY cooler.  Things like this are always happening in conversation with Ianis.  We will say something random like-oh we want to go to Russia and he will tell us he lived there for a few months.  The other night we were laughing about protestors on May day when we were in Paris.  He laughed and said … oh yeah I’ve done that.  you know crazy college kids.  No Bouteloup, I was not nearly as cool as you and did not storm the paris government house for my cause.  I could write pages on how incredible this guy is but now it’s time to chat about the title of this little post.  We got an email last night from our fave frenchmen- saying – how about we throw a wine and cheese festival at your house on Saturday?  We’ve talked about it before and each time he says – “We will drink french wine and eat french cheese until zee sun comes up!”  It will be so.  dreams come true y’all.

Any tips for me??  
pretty please.

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