why i love blogging AND some new friends for y’all

Do you want to know what i love about blogging?

I meet people all the time that say “you too? I thought I was the only one…”
and then a friendship is born.
I don’t even care that we live thousands of miles apart from one another.
we’re friends.
I had no idea how blogging would add to my life when i started in february of 2010.
I also had not a clue as to what I was doing … and in a lot ways, still don’t.
But I’m still here.  blogging.
despite meeting/knowing the occasional person who thinks I’m a total freakshow for displaying my life so publicly. 

 … you know what though?
i am inspired by all of you, everyday.
For just putting yourself out there.
Because that’s not an easy task. 
and then so many of you are incredible writers, mommies, photographers, designers, yogi masters … etc.
and then you come over here and say hi, or write me an email, and encourage me … y’all are just amazing.
this little community is like a pack of cheerleaders.  
so thanks & cheers to blogging.

here are some of my fave’s who happen to be sponsors.  which is pretttty suh-weet of them (:

Hi i’m Louise from Celectic {kel-ec-tic} named so after my affinity for all things celtic- my irish blood and Scottish upbringing- as well as my eclectic approach to fashion & style.  So you see (cel)ec(tic) is just a jumbled fusion of the two words: celtic & eclectic.  Confused?  Anyway, enough on that.

I’m a stylist by day, but tbh if I could make a full time career out of blogging I would, since writing & sharing my ideas and experiences with everyone is what I really get a kick out of.  I’m an adventurer, an avid lover of LIFE & all that it’s filled with, so that’s what brings me here & this is what I blog about: all things bright & beautiful, stylish, fun & worth shouting about.

My blog, like me, is still young and still growing so if you have any words of wisdom or just want to be bf’s {blog friends}, please stop by and say ‘hi’.  I’m dying to meet you. xoxo  

Hi! I’m Nicole from La Mia Vita! My life consists of living an adventurous life in San Francisco with my amazing friends, trying to be a loving teacher, visiting my adorable family in Southern California, traveling every chance I get and finding ways to make every day special and exciting!


i am zsara.  i’m twenty years old, living in london, heading off travelling in July before going to university in the autumn to study english and philosophy.  my blog is a mix of my adventures, my words, some books i have read, memories, thoughts and ideas which ultimately i love to share with you.   

i hope you like it!

I am Chelsea from Choose to be Happy.
I really try to appreciate the true happiness that I feel like I have in my life these days.
And my blog is one way for me to remember that personal happiness really comes from within.
I graduated from the University of Alabama and am now a
hot child in the city {Atlanta} running wild and looking pretty. oh and working. of course.
 My boyfriend Austin plays baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies organization,
so he is away  from March to September.
I have a love/hate relationship with baseball for stealing him
But a total love/love relationship with Summertime. Sunshine. Birthdays. Alabama football.
And blog friends. So come visit me!

I’m Kat from Anywho
My obsession with blogging began September, 2007.
It all started innocently enough, but before I knew it, 
my blogging tendencies became habit forming.
My three children, Big C, Colinboy, and Wishy are enablers. 
Even my husband, PaulA,  hasn’t stepped in with an intervention.
I have tried to go cold bologna, but the blogging habit has its hooks so deep in me,
 that I render myself powerless.
Apparently I need Blog Rehab to help me leave the blinking cursor behind 
and become a productive member of society.
Until then…
Join me in my obsession!

hello everyone!  

I am Shannon, a working momma who tries to do too much and is always on the hunt for new creative outlets.  

When we began blogging at The Scribble Pad, was simply a journal of our life.
Lately, it has been about raising our son Behr, 
favorite finds for baby and me, 
and our adventures of a farm share.  

We love Sarah, which makes us really excited to meet you!  
Can’t wait for you to stop by and visit.

Maybe you’d like to be a sponsor?   new slots are opening up, so email me: sgmtucker (at) gmail (dot) com

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