Where we hang our hats on European Holidays …

From time to time I get asked for travel advice.
Thus, the birth of this little series begins.
Starting with, “where the heck do you stay while in Europe?”
And for us,
It depends on the place we’re headed (:
While we have spent two nights in a hostel in the past; for couples, they just aren’t ideal or cost efficient.   
In fact, the most expensive place we’ve rested our heads was actually a hostel.  
The scenario: We had just arrived in Switzerland last year, left to Germany for a baseball tournament a day after our arrival, then they ran out of rooms at the hostel, and asked for us to stay with the team.  
sorry but i don’t sleep in a room with 8 boys I just met that same day.  or to be honest, ever.
jb was not keen on the idea either.
So we shelled out 150 Euros on a hostel down the street.
in short, we learned our lesson!
 We don’t spend anymore than $100 on hotels.
If we stay in a hotel, it is generally in big cities and we do priceline or hotwire for 4 stars.
We have been pleased as punch every time.  
Every single time they’ve been in central locations, with comfy beds, and sometimes have provided breakfast.  
We’ve pricelined/hotwired for:
 Amsterdam,Milan, Prague ($50, amazing breakfast, free internet, free business lounge with all the coffee/espresso/treats you want during the day), Paris, Vienna …
Of course I’m always checking Jetsetter or Snique Away for a good deal too.  
We also love bed and breakfasts!
For this, we check tripadvisor or booking for ratings and prices.
Then go from there.
Ones we’ve stayed at and can recommend:
Casa De Billy  – in Barcelona
Villa Sofia – Positano
Villa Vicini – Venice
We’ve also stayed in someone’s flat while they are off vacationing – you can find one at VRBO
But our favorite, and newest discovery – Agriturismo!
These are farm houses in Italy – you can find lots of these farm houses for hire all throughout Europe too!
For our last vacation we stayed at Santo Stefano 
I fell in love with the view out our window, the olive trees, the wine cellar, the vineyard in the distance,  the homemade fig and apricot jam every morning, and our gracious hostess Elena.
 Here are a few pictures of sweet santo stefano.
What other travel related questions do you have?
Be sure to let me know  (:

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