What my 20’s are teaching me: Megan from Across the Pond

This is me, contemplating my twenties..

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I am Megan, the blogger behind Across The Pond
I love being over here..LOVE Sarah..and love this series she is doing..

I am haven’t yet crossed the threshold out of the twenties..

I am a little over halfway through them (the twenties that is) and already I could write a novel on this chapter…But instead, here are 20 lessons my twenties have taught me..thus far.
1. Good food is best consumed along side a nice glass of wine or a good cocktail
2. Seasonal Affect disorder is real after 7 months of winter in Scotland
3. Friendships that withstand distance are friendships worth keeping
4. Spring’s first bloom can mean a new start if you want it to
5. Second chances do exist, and should be taken both humbly and without hesitation
6. Going against social norms is not always a negative thing
7. Divorce doesn’t mean death, but it is entirely human to mourn for both.
8. Relationships cannot, and should not, be generalized.
9. Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could of been any different
10. Maintain integrity and you will receive respect
11. Your status of being present with another person is more important than updating your status online in that given moment.
12. We are given one life..just understand that fully means to live it without delay and to disregard the nay-sayers.
13. Sometimes a problem can be fixed with a bar of chocolate and a new item of clothing
14. Nap time is necessary for adults too
15. Sun is natures anti depressant
16. What you turn your nose up at will inevitably be something you must personally face.
17. Jesus rode in on a Donkey, so its probably a good idea to get off your high horse.
18. New haircut=new day
19.  You should probably floss your teeth more than once a year.

20. Lastly, a lesson from John Steinbeck:

photo taken by me

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