What I wore: Tuscany

I’d stay weeks/months/years if I could.
This has been one of my favorite trips ever.  
It had all the perfect vacation needs – the best food, wine, and friends.  
Even the temperature was right where I like it.  
As I sift through hundreds of photos, I figured this could take a while, and why not share a sneak peak?
a what I wore sneak peak, at that?  (:  

(conscious collection h &m shorts, old navy tank, francesca earrings, topshop bag, and h&m hat}
{shoes from tuscan flea market, f21 skirt, j.crew tank, f21 necklace, sunglasses f21}
{blaque label dress, tuscan flea market shoes}
{anthropologie dress, stuart wietzman nude shoes}

This last one I look like I’m covering up a bebe.  JB agreed. 
but hey, when we ate like we did … I was not risking anything too form fitting.  
elastic waists and potato sack dresses for the last night.  (:  

Be back tomorrow with foooood pictures.  warning- I took a million and one. 

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