what i wore to a concert

Citizen Cope was incredible live.  Even though I was practically man handled at the door due to my camera.  Two men started screaming “she has a 35mm!” the other one says, “she’s got a detachable lens” … I just stood there, very confused.  and dear security guard,  I don’t have a 35mm lens!   I guess it’s a sign that I don’t go to concerts often enough since I thought I’d skate passed security with my big camera unnoticed.   
No matter, we still had fun with our favorite couple friends- Michelle & Eric, also in tow was with their incredible and hilarious family.  The night was perfect.  particularly slow dancing with JB to Sideways (:  
This is what I wore to a Concert:
{dress – h&m, belt- h&m, necklace – saks, glasses – warby parker sinclair}
PS I actually wore the dress backwards because it was a little more modest that way.

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