What I Wore: Europe

I’m working on a post for dear sweet Liz on what to pack when you plan to travel Europe.  
I’ve been pouring over old photos in order to get a sense of what did I actually wear… 
the verdict? a lot of rompers, swaggs, dresses, j.crew pixie pants, and intyce boots.
I thought it might be fun to do a little review for everyone.
Here’s a bit of what I wore while traveling Europe/Central America in 2010 & 2011.
Can’t wait to share my guest post for Liz coming up later this month.  
Paris 2010
H&M Romper, booties, tights, bangles, red nails, BCBG sweater and a F21 belt.  
It’s Paris.  You have to wear stripes.  have. to.
well, at least one day while in paris.  stripes are a must.
here i’m wearing an off the shoulder top, intyce  boots, and some j.crew skinnies.
while in venice over the summer of 2010… off the shoulder F21 top, catherine holdstein shorts, j.crew belt, and a little gucci.
while in positano in july… all you need is a cute suit (juicy couture) and a mojito… or two.
visiting a winery in france?  stripes. with a little oomph.  this little diddy is from H&M.
Salzburg?  well it’s a marc jacob dress and some stuart weitzman pumps.
j.crew dress… that turns into a skirt.  bril.

jones new york top, 3 euro side vendor scarf, and zara shorts
j.crew jacket, j.crew minnies, and heidi braids… gotta dress the part!
Strasbourg, France … h&m dress and f21 necklace
castle de chillon … bcbg top
romper in casco viejo – panama
forever 21 and target leopard shoes in casco viejo

romper in Milano
h&m dress, j.crew leggings… and wow.  i could have stood to run a comb through my hair! ha.
In honor of design necklace, f21 top, h&m shorts

warby parker- sinclair – h&m dress in split, croatia
Backpacking style.  in a top shop blouse and some navy shorts
swiss riding in my intyce boots, and riding helmet as my bike helmet
 h&m dresses and necklace (above and below) in Hvar, Croatia
f21 necklace and skirt – h&m necklace
j.crew pixie‘s, 

forever 21 maxi & scarf
I think I’m keeping h&m and forever21 in business! 
Hey, when you want to see the world, your wardrobe sometimes takes a backseat. or rather a cheap seat.
Which is very Everygirl of me (:
The everygirl mixes high and low with ease, don’t you think?
speaking of which, I put together a shoot to be featured on The Everygirl …  i cannot wait to share!  

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