what happens in vegas …

the Bride.
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Oh Vegas.
quite possibly my favorite quote out of this trip is our friend asking the cab driver:
“how do you get into a little bit of trouble?
maybe just like PG-13 trouble?”
And while we didn’t end up finding much trouble, we did have lots of fun.  slots of fun.
one thing i wasn’t expecting was how beautiful the mountains that surround Vegas are.
the first night we ate at Firefly.
which was sooooo delicious.  
and then we headed to the Palms.
because that’s where LC goes.
and we go, where LC does.
We did see Jade … though I didn’t know who she was.
Until I googled her.
we found a curious benefactor for the evening.  derreck?  
thanks derreck. 
 i really appreciate you picking up the tab.
The next morning Pam, Sarah, Karie, and I drug ourselves out of bed. 
and walked the strip.
then met up with everyone for a yummmie brunch in the venetian
too bad the water isn’t that clean in the real venezia.
On Saturday night we had a Lingerie shower!
oooo la la.
pammie made these cute straw flags
& this banner!
Love this card Shannie made!  
& what’s Vegas without a bit of gambling?
We headed to the slots.
slots of fun.
after dinner at Dos Caminos
ooooo and look!  
Karie was engaged just a few days before the bachelorette.
giving us even more reasons to celebrate.
Congrats HVH!!  I can’t wait till October 8!

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