Wesley turns two

I blinked.  He’s two.   Our beautiful baby boy who lights up our world.  When I was pregnant with Wesley, I remember telling Haley that I just felt like this one was going to be my bruiser.  I couldn’t have been more right.  He’s barrel-chested, strong as an ox, and all boy.  We call him cotton (for his cotton blonde hair), Bruuuuuce (short for bruiser and said in a husky voice (; ), and butterball.  He has confidence for days.  He’s so sure of himself it shocks me sometimes.  Decisive, always, and comes with a game plan.  If he wants something, he’ll figure out a way to get it.  I always say he is built like a tonka truck … He falls down, and gets back up without so much as a whimper.  He’s tough.  And underneath it all he’s sweet and tender.  Surprising us when he just wants to be next to you.  Or with a kiss on the lips.  Or wrapping his whole little legs and arms around you as tight as possible.   Or terribly broken up in the movie Trolls when the little girl sings “hellloooo is it me you’re looking for”… lol.  I love watching him play and interact.  He says tons of words if you are listening closely enough, but lots of “tank you” “got cha!” “ready set go!” “one twooo three” “Tuck!!”.  I love the sound of his voice.  He loves art, any sport with a ball, gymnastics, music, books, water, and playing outside.   He carries all he’s learned in gymnastics into all aspects of life.  Everything is now a balance bar, or a ledge to jump off of.  He’s so agile!  One of my favorite things is when he thinks something is funny.  He gets so tickled, he can’t stop laughing. It’s the best!   The relationship he has with his brother makes me tear up to write.  They really are best friends.  Who sometimes get really ticked at each other, but still,  the very best of friends.  Wes waits to hug tuck every day at after school pick up, he looks for him to hold. his hand … sometimes we are watching TV and I find them closer and closer together until they are flat out snuggling one another.   We could never imagine life without him, and we would never want to.  He makes our home so much happier and more fun.  Happy Birthday Wesley!!  We love love love you!!  

{from last night’s little family party – looking forward to celebrating him all day today!}


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