wes at almost three

{thank you Neal Jolly for these beautiful photos!  I have so many with just tuckie and I when he was younger, and not enough with just mr wesss!!}

{wearing cabana life tunic dress c/o // old navy shoes // TBBC rashguard & swim trunks}

Things Wes says at almost three (turns three in april).

“My favorite color red”…  colors are his number one topic in life.  He will memorize your favorite color and remind you about it frequently.  He turns down m&m’s unless they are red.  Will save the blue ones for Tuck.  He flips at the grocery store when he sees red packaging of anything … and must have it.  Nevermind what it is.  If it’s red, he wants it.

The boys have recently discovered power rangers, and wes can’t say that, and is always asking for “park rangers” … I much prefer park rangers.

Wes is very proud of his big belly, and is always telling and showing people.  “I got big belly”

which reminds me of this conversation I overheard between my two boys.  wes was saying he was 5 years old, and tuck told him “You have a big belly wes but you are still a two year old”.  haha

What’s your name?  “wes tucker!” and then sometimes “hi I wessie” … said with a total deadpan face.

Wes apparently always wants to pray at school before snack… which I find hilarious because that’s not what happens at dinner time here.  I recently asked him if he would pray here, and he’s like “dear god, thank you god for food and poopy. amen” with a big smile on his face.  I hope that’s not happening at school.  (:

still can’t say firetruck.  Truck is pronounced with an F. that makes for interesting times.

When I ask him who his best friend it’s “tuck” and then I say but who is your best friend at school and he just motions and goes “ALL OF DEM”

Can be the absolute sweetest thing, randomly with his “I lubb you mom” … whenever he is away from his brother “when tuckie home?  I miss tuckie”

NOT that we don’t have total meltdowns at times.  But I feel like the closer we get to three the less frequent they are!

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  • Reply brittany

    gosh these are stunning shots of you and your babiest bunny man!!!! i love love love this age. i know wes is juuuust a little ahead of rocco, but age two in general… it sure is fun!!!

    February 9, 2018 at 11:44 am
  • Reply Amanda Marshall

    I wish Gracie could meet him!!! Their personalities would go hand in hand, ha. These are such gorgeous photos of you two!!

    February 14, 2018 at 2:02 pm
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