weekend in photographs

sweet kisses caught on cam

homemade choc chip cookies

when you actually see how much butter is used to make cookie dough 
you think just eating one may clog an artery

flowers.  always flowers.  
JB was sad for a minute
i found his second gray hair.

he can now be referred to as any of the following:
silver fox.
silverback gorilla.
here’s a video of his first.

Then all was well again … FC basel became the champs of swissa. 
cheerful riots followed complete with torches and everyone singing

i love the overgrown green covering the flat.
and the chandelier over the car

the inside of a well made chair.
who knew?

beginning to really like their graffiti.
a monkey with a gun is just funny

homemade crepes.  
i made my bananas look like hearts because it was our 
four month anniversary (:

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  What were you up to?

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