Weddings, Updates, and Winners.

Last weekend we trekked up to Highlands, NC for a wedding at the Farm at Old Edwards Inn.
Oh my gorgeous, y’all.  
I was in hog heaven.  Every detail left me “eeeeee”ing with delight.  
And the love between the families left my heart happy.  
Calder Clark was the mastermind behind the wedding.  
In this industry, I truly don’t think it gets any better than her. 
updates on le petit bebe tucker:
i’m still loosing my food. but i’m getting used to it.  weird.  
despite that, i’m still gaining weight  and my belly is getting bigger. yay!
i bought a crib!  wrought iron.  he-llo.
i still like ice cream a lot, and edy’s fruit popsicles. 
oh, and I didn’t get to use my RTR dress.  {long story, they more than made up for it though!}  
this baby came in handy yet. again!  
oh and hey i absolutely needed to read that last night!  maybe, you too? 
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