warning: don’t read on an empty stomach

eat. sightsee. relax. repeat.  
this is our rough draft for all holidays and of course, italy is no exception.
real authentic Italian food.
few things in this life are better.
i love the juicy tomatoes, homemade pasta, salami, yummy cheeses… they just do it right.  
In Greve we ate at Gallo Nerro, and Osteria Di Passignana 
in Parma we ate at Trattoria del Tribunale
and in Firenze, and San Gimignano … it was so good, but both names escape me.  
anyway, all have my endorsement as everything was divina. 

First … 
Meat and Cheese plates!
real parma cheese
eggplant parm lasagna
pumpkin ravioli
tuscan bread soup, fried pasta, and raspberry sour creme
zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta
scorpion fish soup with pesto ravioli
duck with cherries
real minestrone
a tuscan specialty.  bready soup.  so good.  

grandmother’s cake … made by real granny (:  
wine tasting with “the four best friends that anybody can have” … sang to Allen’s song from hangover (:  
thank God our friends love food just as much as we do.

Sorry if i made your stomach growlllll this wednesday morning.
tomorrow … Firenze! xo

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