VLOG is a funny word.

Click Here!  for the VLOG.
So. i talk with my hands a lot.  say “you know” a trillion times a minute.  
But i do answer a few of your most burrrning questions.
so love me despite my speech impediments.

How about a few pictures from the last couple of days, for those uninterested in vlogs.
sunsets over the rhine are pretttty.  but they don’t start until 9pm!
Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!
We’re headed to Tuscany on Friday – Specifically Greve – where Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed.
 I’m on a mission to be Diane Lane in that movie.  minus the divorce and living alone in tuscany bit.
  already checked out positano.  can’t wait to see greve.
I figured whoever filmed that movie, knew where some of the good Italian spots are.  
Hope you have a great Tuesday … and enjoyed the Vlog ( :  
PS: I’m over on Nuha’s blog sharing my Love List 
 Click Here to check it out and poke around, i have a feeling you’ll love her. 

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