VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein, Germany

We spent a day at the VitraHaus!
just a quick twenty minute ride into Germany from here in Basel.
I’m not much of a modern art lover but you cannot help but fall in like with it after a visit.
The whole time I thought of my Ashie who just purchased her forever home (!!!),
 and has incredible design taste.  I’m talking, in my dreams i just give her money to  outfit my one day forever home.  I can’t wait to see what she does with the new home.
 I wish she could have been there, i’m sure she would have loooooved it.
Vitrahaus made me so happy!  It is one of those times you can really recognize what good design does to you – makes you smile, comforts, and gives you a few euphoric feelings.
You can try out anything there and it is an entirely interactive experience.
  Plus everything in the whole house is for sale. … for like, a gazillion dollars.  
But still.  it’s fun to dream.  
{earrings by Anna.  $7!! buy here}
{my outfit is all F21 with the exceptions of my topshop purse and key necklace that Bridge gifted me}
{pantone 337C – aka my favorite color}
{take a photo… it then sends it to your email}
{peonies follow me errrywhere i go}
{kelly kapowski called.  wants her 1990 hair back. k thx}
not a bad view either … german vineyards.
To see more of my Vitra Haus photos go here.
Happy Day!
We’re off to a Sunday BBQ!
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