I am relaxing in mid Austria and wanted to share the Vatican Wedding with y’all as soon as possible.  One of the million reasons I loved Anne and Sean’s wedding so much was the way you could just feel how in love they are.  It gives me chills – the good kind (:.  I love how by just witnessing their entrance into holy matrimony everyone’s marriage and faith was strengthened.  without further adieu …

love the turq. love it all.

kisses to her sweet daddo

Th priests were incredible.
Advice: Be Jesus to each other.  Be kind.  

casina valadier & dear friend kelly

the band knocked my socks off

Playing “when you’re smiling … the whole world smiles with you”

sweet favors.  other side is handpainted Vatican

Nothing like an all of Roma view at your wedding reception. 

Showing off the bling

be still my heart.

gratuitous cute JB pic (:

In short, it was a dream and we are so happy for Anne and Sean!!

Brenda Babcock was her amazing planner.  Formerly working for Chanel. no big deal.  
This is what Vera Wang had to say about her:

“When it comes to weddings there is no one with more knowledge, dedication and fantasy than Brenda Babcock” – V.W.

This is what I have to say:
“can you plan my LIFE?”

here’s the rest of the picts

Enjoy droooooling over their beauty.  


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