Valentine’s Day gifts for your guy

{affiliate links are used in this post}Valentine's Day gifts for Him

  1.  Cute little key chain that doubles as a phone charger.  From Pottery Barn.
  2. JB’s hanging dopp kit is a life saver on every trip.  One of my favorite things about JB is how considerate he is.  Like if he sees my phone and it’s just sitting there he always puts it on the charger.  Also, he stock piles hair ties in his travel dopp kitt (because I only ask for one every.single.time. we’re on vacation), keeps a mini medicine cabinet ready to go in there, and also a fresh razor… I may have forgotten one a time or two.  Basically, I count a little too much on this thing.  So getting your guy one, like this LL bean dopp kitt may behoove you too.
  3. A leather carry on.  These are one of those things that he’d love, but maybe you wouldn’t spend the money on.  I think that can sometimes be the making of a great present (:
  4. These cufflinks are adorable.  I gave them to JB in his stocking for Christmas.  It may be beyond the cut off line, but if so – the sweetest Father’s Day present.  If you want to plan ahead!
  5. a very nice looking Barbour backpack.
  6. A garment bag
  7. Eclipse Charger … perfect for charging more than one device without looking super cluttered.
  8. Bulldog Moisturizer.  JB loves this natural moisturizer.
  9. Hot sauce.  I’m not sure about your guy, but JB cannot have enough hot sauce.
  10. Yeti rambler.  Perfect for keeping his drink super cold.  I want one for my La Croix.
  11. Silhouette tie bar by Le Papier Studio.
  12. Ring.  JB got these for each of our entrances and we love it.  Except for the time I cat called through the Ring at what I thought was JB, and noticed that nope, not JB, it was our gardener.  I’ve also been like “oh heeeey boo” to our UPS driver when I thought it was my gf.
  13.  This Fossil smart watch is cute!
  14. I’ve been trying to get JB to not wear Costas for a decade now, to no avail.  If I could pick some out for him they’d be the new wayfarers from rayban.  Always a classic.
  15. A cute hat from Tuckernuck.
  16. A cute pocket square – tons of other patterns too!

Any special Valentine’s Day plans?  We will probably stay in and make a special dinner that evening.

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