unlikely creative

I’ve been thinking about how we take on roles that we’re given.
labels people give you, the ones you give yourself …  and sometimes labels can really put you in a box.  for most of my life i’ve been a little too serious to ever think i had a couple different labels going for me.  {omg i might be multifaceted.} 
  and up until recently I never would have given myself the coveted creative label.  
i have a masters in science!  i could spend all day reading!  i’m messy! … i would tell myself.
i have no obvious talents that make people want to naturally encourage me to be creative.
i have terrible {thee poorest} hand writing, take little care to arrange food to make it look pretty, and the extent of my drawing abilities lie in stick figures.  
but oh how i love art. appreciate it.  and always have. in its many forms.
i come alive around beauty.  
its not uncommon for me to be so overwhelmed by emotion to cry over a painting, a delicious meal, a perfectly wrapped present, an honest photograph … beauty arrests my heart.  and often.  
but i always thought – those pretty things that people created were for others. 
certainly not me.
i did not see myself as creative, talented, beautiful.
and even after people coming into my life with eyes that see beyond the surface
telling me
“you’re so creative”
i brushed it off.
thinking they were just trying to be nice to me.
{holy low self esteem in this area
but recently i’ve decided that i am creative.
and this blog, and all y’all (that’s plural for y’all btw) have helped me discover that.
and maybe it is just in the clothes i pick out sometimes, or the way i arrange a wall above my desk, or the way i know exactly what i like by eyeing it.  
but i’m creative.
and so are you.
we were all made to be.  
in one way or another.

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