Tuck the Tea Man

Tuck is obsessed with pouring!  My mom does a lot of montessori activities with Tuck.  Pouring is one of those- I’m happy to replace her cute china (I think she is too) with this adorable little wooden set from Our Green House.  It’s also a great little set I bring with me in my purse for play dates.  Love imaginative play and Tuck really gets into it.  Plus it’s a unisex set!  I am always making tea around here, so I guess Tuck likes being just like mama.  minus the caffiene or herbal fix (:  

1. organic kitchen towels – Would make a great housewarming gift!
2. reusable snack bags – I love these reusable snack bags.  Usually put cut up melon or sunflower seeds in them for a snack while we are out.
3.  unisex tea set – We love our little tea set.  Love how it keeps him busy when I am getting ready.
4.  detox tea – this organic detox tea looks perfect for anyone in need of a cleanse and the packaging is great for gifting.
5.  digestive bitters – I am slightly in love with this stuff!  Safe for pregnancy too.  a few spritzes of this to help curb sugar cravings and it’s even helping with my heartburn.  You can read more about all of it here
6.  buoy dog toy – a cute little organic dog toy
7.  wooden animal farm set – I think this set could not get any cuter!!
8.  Natural finger paint – colored with real fruits and vegetables and totally safe
9.  Organic handmade bunny – y’all know I love the bun bun’s.   
10.  sleep sack – this little star sleep sack is adorable and organic!

A couple things about Our Green House – The owner, a mama, wife, and entrepreneur, hand picks every item and makes sure it’s safe and natural!  Shipping is only $4.99.   You can get 10% off with code: sarahtucker . This is a sponsored post but I truly love OGH!  Takes the guessing work out of me asking  – “is this safe for them or not”!

**PS:  I’m over at Gratefully Inspired today**

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