Traveling with a Toddler

I haven’t even traveled with a toddler yet.  So who am I to give advice?  Nobody, that’s who.  Yet I have been researching incessantly because Tuck goes from Florida to California on Sunday.  And though he’s flown to mexico at two months and europe at 6 months … toddler hood is a whole other ball game.  Also ….I will be following a few days later.  JB, his parents, and Tuck will make the maiden toddler voyage together.  So I’m trying to pull out all the stops that he has a good flight over – for everyone’s sake.  {And you know I will try to enjoy my time with magazines, work, and books on my ride over – but I still wish it was me that was flying with him.  even if he did drive me batty the whole way over.  motherhood!}
Here’s what is going inside the mother of all diaper bags.  This is my largest bag that I carry for Tucks stuff – and perfect for a flight as it wipes clean, has tons of pockets, and clasps onto strollers or rolling bags easily.

toddler headphones  – For the iPad.  Which if there was ever a time to bust that bad boy out, I’m pretty sure a flight is the right time.  Also – I have no idea what apps to download.  any suggestions for a just over one year old?

brica backpack with harness – at tucks one year check up my pediatrician was a little shocked how tuck had literally NO stranger danger in him.  He is definitely making sure I’m around but he pretty much thinks everyone is the coolest ever and deserves hellos and hugs and … well, our ped said we just need to watch it.  So never say never.  like the time i said i’d never put a leash on my kid … looks like i’m eating my words, oh-14 months in of being a mama.  is it bad i also think it’ll be so cute to see a back pack on my little guy?  because i think it’s gonna be the cutest.

 melissa and doug travel shape sorter – this is tucks new toy for the plane.  he’s really into sorting, so hopefully this will entertain him for a bit.  I also plan on one last trip to Target this week to get him a few little new toys to introduce to him when he needs to shift his attention.  Just little stuff; a little people car (he loves his little people!), some stickers, and whatever random “one spot” jumps out at me.

 lollipops – these were my favorite when I was pregnant.  and I’ve read that it can help toddlers swallow… So they are going in the diaper bag.  Just in case.

changing pad – this three in one gem of a changing pad also turns into a high chair cover or a grocery seat cover.  and major bonus points for having a little comfy head rest and wiping clean.

hand sanitizer – so I’m getting better at not being a total freak about sanitizing things.  because I get it, kids “need” germs or so I’m told.  But the one time I will remain a germaphobe is on an airplane.  those things are filthy.  I love the honest hand sanitizer spray- so I pretty much spray every square inch of our tray and seat.  I’m okay if I look a little crazy.  #gotitfrommymama  and if I had seen this little gadget last year when tuck was an itty bitty and traveling, i would have probably purchased.

a few books – so I’m sure your toddler is light years ahead of mine and likes a ton of different books.  But all tuck wants are the jellycat ones – on repeat.  So I’m going to surprise him with a new one.  and bring old faithful “if i were a puppy” with us.

snacks – something i think would work pretty well are raisins or teensy fruits – that kid loves picking up these things one by one (i.e. this could kill some time).  so those are going in there.  some carrot sticks, apples, and  squeezey pouches.  This is Tucks absolute fave.  A bottle & a sippi cup.  I’m in need of sippi cup recommendations so help me out if you have a fave (:  the ones we have tried have not been worth mentioning.

diapers, a ton of baby wipes, change of clothes, a light blanket, and diaper disposable bags because that stuff downright stinks even worse now that he’s a toddler. and I thought it couldn’t get worse from when he’s a teeny!  i stand corrected.  again.

so people that have actually traveled with a toddler on an airplane please chime in – what am I forgetting?  what worked for you?  what should i leave behind?


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