Top Ten in 2010

Some girls are obsessed with shoes.  I, however, am completely smitten by dresses.  Finding the perfect dress is probably similar to how JB feels when he hits a homerun.  We both get loads of adrenaline; him in a game, me in a mall.  
It’s time to play dress up again.  
Top 10 in 2010
drinking a beer in amsterdam while wearing an h & m lace shoulder dress
being a hostess in an anthropologie dress
kind of looks like a little girl dress but i still loooove it.
OK. so it is a romper.  i adore them too.
this is a 5/48 romper i wear constantly!  
i adored this red h & m dress with dramatic shoulders
this tracy reese dress made me squeal with delight upon discovery
Number five is a little dress that was on my last list.
i wore it for a bridal shower & as a bridesmaid dress.
LOVE this little anthropologie number that was last christmas’ gift from JB. 
 Marc by marc jacobs
i wore this beauty in salzburg, austria and could have been mistaken for a Vontrapp! (:
blaque label
what i wore to our rehearsal dinner. 
my sweet friend, Mere, sent it to me the day of the rehearsal.  Thank God for her.
This little Forever 21 dress made me feel like a million bucks.  
even though i only shelled out 30 for it.
My wedding gown!!
I apparently wear a lot of ivory and shades of pink.  What can I say? I am all girl.
Won’t you play along?
Let me see your top 10 in 2010. 
I wanna peak into your closet.
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