Tomorrow is my dear friend Ashley’s birthday!! – one part of the dynamic sist duo of two sists with southern charm’s!  

I have known Ash since college and have been in true friend-love since the moment i locked eyes on her.  you just cannot blame me.  Besides being absolutely gorgeous, and blessed by my favorite hair color – red … she is a riot- i am talking laughing till you cry kind of hilarious.  In addition to her beauty, sense of humor, and hair – she is everything that makes up a great friend.  She is sweet as sugar, compassionate, and an amazing listener.  

I thought it might be nice to re-live her beautiful wedding day in honor of her birthday WEEK … 

God bless this day.
Sist putting make-up on Sist
just check out that view of Pensacola beach!

Mama Janet & sist – help sist into her dress.  

Right before Ash and shep were hitched
and then these two sweet hearts said “i do”
Ash with her bridesmaids

from pensacola mag.
the flowers were incredible.  
the centerpieces had orchids & beta fish!  beta fish, y’all.  it was PERFECT.
the reception site.  gorge.and what a perfect night.
the grooms cake was made in the form of WHODI – their sweet pup.  
and Whodi sure did taste good!
their getaway
was on a boat!
and these two lovebirds lived happily ever after.  

love you ash!
hope you have a great birthday WEEK!  
hope you like your treat that’s waiting on your doorstep.


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