toddler wesley

freschetta gluten free pizza

{navy plaid shortall and green shortall c/o busy bees // TBBC light blue gingham}

Wes at two.  and a month.  I’m fully aware I may be the only one who enjoys these posts (:

The other day, literally in the span of time it took me to take out the trash, he managed to move the barstool over to the oven, open the pantry door, get out the pancake mix, put the mix up by the stove, and I came in when he had already climbed the barstool.  Just like oh hi!  I’m making pancakes, I’m two, I’m old enough!  ???  What are you, 12?  He moves furniture around constantly.

The boys love to make a dinosaur train out of EVERY. single. chair. in my house.  He is realllly into being the engineer and says “alboard, hoo hoo”.

The other day at the grocery store, we got the beloved racecar cart, and tuck wasn’t with us.  He kept pointing at the seat and saying “Tuck!” “Tuck?”

He had his first swim classes last week, and he did so well.  He definitely cried, and when the teacher had him sit on the step when it wasn’t his turn, he sat there with a big pouty lip, but he listened.  He also improved so much.

Probably my favorite thing he does of all right now, is put throw his hands up and say “what did do???”

when he sees a police car on the road he gets so excited, because he knows tuck is obsessed.  “Tuck! Tuck!  po!!”

I love you little wessie, you are our sweet/hilarious/smoochie baby!!




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