toddler mealtime and clean up favorites with boon

I’m a huge boon product fan.  Their designs are modern, functional and make my life easier.  We purchased the flair highchair last year and it’s easily my favorite new thing we got for Wesley.  It wipes clean, goes up or down with a press of a button, and glides around the house.  I’ve also bought several of their snug sippy cup lids.  They are great for smoothies, and don’t take up much room in my diaper bag.   Another favorite item I love is their nonskid plates with four compartments.  Great for giving kids a variety that can NOT touch. ha.  kids and their eating quirks kill me.  Since I’ve been loving boon since tuck started on solids, when they asked to see If I’d like to try out two of their newest products, I was all about it.  The forb mini is this cute little silicone flower that you put dish soap in and it comes out with the press of your pointer finger.  It’s perfect for scrubbing down his high chair, the boys dishes and cups.  They also sent me the Span.  Which is my new favorite boon product.  It clips down all of the plastic cups and plates, so there isn’t all of the nasty pools of water after a wash that are inevitable without it.  Thanks boon for sending us some really clever products, and for making parenting a bit more fashionable.  
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