Things that made Memorial Day Weekend sweet …

picked from our back yard

my bogonia is finally making an appearance (:

tram riding with my sweet heart

climbing to the top of the Basel Munster church
built in 1019.

I must admit climbing up the tiny staircases made my knees wobbly.  But it was worth it for the view.

I made Asparagus Lasagna. same recipe as my eggplant lasagna just with asparagus and more parm 
mmmm. it was good
my italian leather coin purse with a vatican city coin to open it puts a smile on my face & reminds me of our roma trip

My husband suggested we go to a tea room.  
I’m so glad i married him(:
darjeeling tea is my fave

This is my favorite graffiti in Basel.  

you are a delicious beautiful thing

& I bought two books today.
books make me so happy.

Hope you had the best memorial day!  
Today I missed being home.  
My usual memorial day is spent on the boat in a bikini out in beautiful sarasota bay.  
let me know how your memorial day went.

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