Thift store finds

Yesterday someone said they loved my top, and because I can’t help myself, I said “thanks!  it was only $10!!”… it’s like I am compelled to tell people how cheap things are.  She said “I like it even more now!”… and I thought, that is the perfect response.  I often share on instastories about my thrift store finds.  One of the latest was two Stubbs & Wootton loafers, in my size, for $4 a pair!  While that was pure luck, I almost always find something I love at a thrift store.  Usually it’s home decor.  I’ve never spent much time shopping, ever.  I get in, and get out.  I pretty much scan for anything that pops out to me.  You know I love Blue & White, and so that scheme always catches my eye.  Brass, gold, interesting textures… at dirt cheap prices… they are coming home.

thrift store tips

This solid brass bowl (which I plan to grow a drapey plant in) was $25.  Which is actually a lot, considering what I usually spend.  But I loved it.  The bow and tassel taper holders were $2 for the pair, then half off… so 50 cents each!

I recently purchased this tray.  We have no shortage of trays here.  but this one was so beautiful!  it was also a little pricier than I usually spend at thrifts and was $11.

all but one of my blue and white vases are from thrift stores // ranging from $20 – .50 cents

I got these little blue and white pocket vases for $2.50 each, half off so $1.25!  The bamboo frame with the black velvet was something I picked up a while ago.  It had a piece of art in it before, which I removed, and put a family photo in.  It was around $5.

those little brass herons, and that copper sailboat are two of my favorite things – that just feel very florida.

my girlfriends picked this up for me — I still need to find it’s proper home, but I so love it!
I really love mixing old with new.  Lows with a few highs.  It keeps things interesting.  It also makes you less attached to your stuff, which I always think is a fairly good thing when kids are around!

Here are a few things I am always on the lookout for, and can rarely resist: — I am linking them on etsy in case you want to hunt over there!

  1.  Florentine Trays  – I usually stack them, and I love the patina they develop.
  2. Blue and white
  3. Old silver trophies
  4. champagne buckets
  5. trays – for breakfast in bed, or spoiling overnight guests, or for stacking books.
  6. bamboo in ceramic
  7. gold and brass in shapes I love
  8. I often look at tablecloths.  My favorite one that people ask about a lot was $2.25 (you can see here).  They are usually pressed and ready to go, and great prices.
  9. Culver glassware 
  10. old books.  I have found the most beautiful books for coffee tables, of childrens books with vintage illustrations and covers.

If you are local, my favorite shops are:

  1.  Community Thrift  
  2. Hospital Thrift
  3. Kingberry Estate Finds — even better is their outlet nextdoor.
  4. Palmetto Village Thrift  
  5. Goodwill, salvation army, etc…

If you aren’t local, consider looking for a thrift store that’s associated with a private school.  They are generally stocked with some pretty good stuff!

My biggest tip is to just find out what you love. Who cares if people think it’s a odd.  Odds are, you are onto something (:


Happy Hunting!

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