These few things …

… made me very very merry today:
1. this is my cat nip as of late.
peppermint tea.
i could sip this all day.
2. my husbands rolled up right leg – just for bike riding.
3. Sunflowers. everywhere i turn.
I’ve never been the biggest fan… but I’m turning into one.
they remind me of 3rd grade and my entire wardrobe that was somehow adorned with sunflowers.
which then reminds me of lisa frank and trapper keepers. (:
4. boycotting make up lately.
and goodness can i not get away with it as well anymore.
but that’s OK over here.
I feel like there’s far less make up in general across the pond.
being perfectly coiffed with full make up is a real american thing.
and i do it sometimes, don’t get me wrong.
even over here i like to get dolled up.
pretend i’m barbie.
but it’s rare in swissa.
so i’m trying to blend in … or i’m just being lazy? (:
5. heirloom tomatoes 
6. these berries. are so good.  particularly with a little ice cream.
7. the stairs leading up to our flat.  i hadn’t realized how cool they are until today.
must remind self to look up sometimes too.
pretty things aren’t always right in front of your face.
8. strategically parking my bike next to lavender.
i like matisse to smell nice, too.
9. a greek lunch.
which included:
pine nuts in grape leaves.
pine nuts in pepper.
lentil cakes with carrot topping
& of course hummus and some hot sandwich topped with yogurt.
oh my yum.
What’s making you happy today sweets?

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