The one and only political post … probably ever.

I majored in Political Science in undergrad.  Thanks in part to a really cute prof … and the philosophy side of class.    But mostly due to the cute teacher.  {hides head in embarrassment}.  Besides being handsome he was also the kind of professor who forced you to make your own decisions about politics and life, not just push his own.  He really helped me think analytically about politics and that has spilled over in all walks of my life. 
In short, I loved political philosophy, and was sort of ho-hum about modern politics.
Wanna talk about Machiavelli?  Yay!  Wanna talk about the deficit?  Scary.  
On the note I’m trying to get at … I’m not a big facebooker anymore.  It feels like a place people either go to seek approval or drum up dissension. {I have definitely been guilty about the approval part).  It is mostly depressing, especially these days with all of the political status updates going on.  Once upon a time I went to college with a guy, he was a really kind guy.  Such a champion for the downtrodden and I always admired that about him.  Then this morning he posted a status that made my heart hurt.  It made me uncomfortable and sad, which is mostly what facebook does to me these days.  He posted a screen shot of a comment he made on another “friends” status.  I’m paraphrasing but it was all // you are a total moron if you vote for  ____.  // And then a gazillion people liked his status and cheered him on.  There was so much anger behind it all.  Everyone pointing fingers saying you’re an idiot, a lost soul …  noooooo you are!  rawr. How productive … I joke.
But mostly I hate changing the glowing opinion I had of him.
{which has nothing to do with who he is voting for}
Which also makes me feel super judgmental, I realize.
Both two feelings I’m not fond of.   
I think it’s awesome to have opinions, and I have my own too.  I’m all about passion.  
I’m also all about expressing it in a kind and loving way.  
And when it’s fueled by humiliation, you better believe I turn a deaf ear.

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