The Hospital Bag

these chairs are still on major clearance!

36 weeks today!  While I still hope this babe cooks until 40-41 weeks, I’ve got my bag packed juuuuuust in case.

I packed up this weekender which is usually my carry on for plane travel.  Of course, some things won’t go in there until it is time – like make up.  But I’ve got the rest all packed up.  Last time I delivered at a hospital about forty five minutes from us.  Even at 3 am it still took us that long!  This time I’m delivering at a different hospital that’s just five minutes from our house.  Which makes me less anxious.  I know the hospital will have everything I’ll truly need but this time I just want to be comfy after labor.  I don’t want to wear hospital gowns if I can help it- I realize my comfies are going to need some good washing after and I am 110% okay with that.

Here’s what’s in this bag:

Birth plan.  This is a great guide and what I used.
Insurance Card

For mama:
two robes:  I am a robe junky!  This plum pretty sugar one and this cozy pima cottton one.
Slimming nursing singlet :  this is supposed to speed up recovery and it doesn’t seem too tight – but we will see if it’s comfortable for the day after labor and when we have the bulk of visitors.
hospital gown:  one of my sweet brides last time gave me a monogrammed hospital gown.  I wore it last time and it’s coming with me this time!
cozy slippers:  these were a Christmas gift and they are so comfy!
night gowns:  both button downs so perfect for nursing.  this one and this one!
nursing bras:  packed this one and this one.  Even though they are so comfy I want to wear them now!
underwear:  packed a few.  I know they give you some but man they were the worst.
Toiletries and Make up!
Going home outfit:  probably just some yoga pants, nursing top, and an open long cardigan.

My nice camera 

these are some natural items that are coming along:
perineal spray
nipple butter
breast pads 
some sprays to help with labor and essential oils for delivery and post partum – Jessica made for me!

For Baby:
These footed onesies with built in mitts are washed and packed.
bunny kickee pants // lamb footie  // monogrammed footie – will likely just bust these out for visitors and for heading home.
infant carseat is ready in the car!

May pop more in here as the month goes along as I think of things.  No harm in over preparing in my opinion (:  Anything that you loved for labor, delivery and the post partum hospital stay that you think I should add?    Please share!!

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