that time we went to a 100 year old ex presidents birthday party…

Sometimes what you think will be a quiet weekend in the country of Panama is anything but.  This weekend I watched a branding (sad, near tears experience), attended  a sweet 100th birthday party with the president and two ex presidents, went to a few baseball games, and watched children rope cows.  eventful.  
the guest of honor and his wife.  he is also an ex president.
Telling JB he prefers watching Los Santos (JB’s team) to Major League Baseball. 
when the clock struck 12 he walked himself to his bed and bid everyone a good night.
There was a band singing happy birthday and fireworks after we all sang to him.
the family compound.  you walk into an unassuming house that leads to a courtyard and several houses surrounding it.  one for each of the children and grandchildren.
me and my knobby knees being a diva.
my favorite spot of the evening.
love the usage of hammocks in every home in Panama.
lots of pink pineapples for decor
More pictures from this weekend to come.
Right now, we’re headed to the rainforest!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!!

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