thankful for these two fellas tonight

{cotton fields with sister}

Sorry for my absence!  I’ve been in Georgia, and busier than a bee getting ready for some gorgeous October weddings.  My papaw had surgery this week and we didn’t get the greatest news following.  The night before and the days following he greeted us in his pjs.  Striped pajamas head to toe, the kind no one wears anymore but should. He has a voice you would expect to hear in movies.  An accent blended from  Mississippi and south georgia.  He’s a gentleman through and through and has always called  me every kind of southern endearment.  He is just the cutest.  My papaw passed down to me quite a few things … The love of florals, photography, the romance and mystery that is the south.  We both have the same deep set dark brown eyes and the ability to get quite olivey in complexion if we so choose.  He gives great belly laughs and y’all, it is thee sweetest sound.    And even in his pain he still manages jokes and joy.

I almost didn’t make the trip to see him this past week.  You see, JB had been gone since Sunday for business and it meant I’d miss him for a couple more days.  Having him come home to an empty house after working straight 13 hour days made my heart ache.  But my husband has this gift of being the least selfish person I know.  He always knows what is important.  To him, there was never a question whether I should go.  I’m (as usual) thankful for my husband.  He always gives me perspective and reminds me to focus on what matters in the long run.  I’m grateful his thinking is never short sided.  Having someone I listen to and respect turn my head towards what’s important, and away from what’s not is a huge comfort and blessing.

so to these two guys… i love y’all.  i’m overjoyed my son will have bits of both of you. 

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