A great Social Distancing Sport – Tennis!

I’ve said I’d never play golf, and I’m still not. Ha!  But now due to it being a great social distancing sport, it has piqued my interest finally. Though for the time being, I’m still sticking with tennis!  I’m glad that’s on the approved list of sports too – with some modifications.  It’s a great sport to play all of your life, and one we can play as a family too.  Plus, it’s great exercise for all!   If you’re thinking about starting, go for it!  Grab a friend or a lesson.  I get asked for favorite tennis wear from time to time, and so here’s a tennis apparel post.  First thing first, you have to have court shoes.  Your knees will thank you!  After that, I’ve found that you can wear even a dress that’s not meant for tennis but throw on some bike shorts and you’re in business.

{tuckernuck dress // tennis bag c/o }

Here are some Tennis faves: