Ten totally random things about me, me, me!

Ten totally random things about me.  
1.   I was a hideous looking jr.high schooler.  
oddly enough, i think that’s when my self esteem peaked.  
i’m pretty sure i had no clue of the unfortunate looking teeth/bangs/style combo.  
2.  Daily I am reminded that I married Up!  like, way up.  JB is the best there ever was.
one of the recent reasons … I’ve slept well for a week straight.  Jb’s been the one to console tuck if he gets up at night.  I meeeeean.  seriously.  
3.  i really hope we never find out who A is.  yes, i watch PLL.  don’t know that acronym?  congrats.  you outgrew jr.high taste in television. i, have not.
4.  i kinda sorta kissed one of The bachelor’s.  one trillion years ago.
i just really like to kiss!  okay. 
5.  I’m turning thirty in December!
life looks so different from what i thought it would when i was daydreaming in high school about what my life would be like at thirty.
and i can’t tell you how glad i am for that.
i thought i had a good imagination, but not nearly as good as Gods.
6.  i think i’m good with two kids.  
watch me have five.
7.  when i was younger i’d have some serious panic attacks.
i don’t have those any more.  praise God.
but i do still struggle with anxiety from time to time.
i wish every time i worried, i prayed. 
sometimes i just worry!  and we all know that’s pretty useless… 
i do love this herb though, for when i get really stressed.    
8.  i was married to JB on facebook like three years before our first date.
 9.  babies are like camp fire’s.  i don’t know how to look away.  and i don’t  ever want to.
i had no idea i’d be THIS obsessed.  
10.   i believe in fairytales.
but they totally have to have some messy parts to it.
just to make you better, grateful, sensitive …
and a bonus one – #11 – we’re going to bangkok in February!!  booked yesterday.  
First trip sans Tuck. 
+ links
-my little IG reusable shop was featured in People’s Style Magazine
Blair Eadie wears Camilyn Beth’s Gogo Dress.  and as always, does it justice. 
 -We threw Amanda a little virtual baby shower.  Proof that even if a friend is across the globe, you can still shower her with some treats!
kindness.  love this – thanks for sharing with me crissy!
– a wedding i did on 100 layer cake!
books to prepare your heart and mind for marriage
 happy happy tuesday! 

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