take tram 10 to Dornach and head toward rudolf steiner’s goetheanum
it is massive.  and definitely worth a visit.  plus they give you free sparkling water.  

right now you will find their completely free color experiments on display.
which is funny since JB is color blind.  

their cows eat lots of veggies.  not just grass.  
learn more about Anthroposophy here.   

oh why, hello color.  i thank God for you.  you make the world even more beautiful.

we were often perplexed.  but that did not keep us from enjoying it

of. course.

aren’t those curves hot?

what a beauty.

you did not think I’d leave you without some flowers on a friday!  

Hope y’all have a happy weekend!!  
sunshine is in our forecast and we could not be happier about it.


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