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    Swiss Alps

    my heart does back flips at the sight of sundown.  Anywhere.  It is never an ordinary sight.
    Oh, the alps.  Even on a cloudy day, amaze me.  
    Sun-up and sundown, easily me two favorite times of the day.  isn’t this true for most?
    Ahh the world … getting ready for bed or waking up.  It’s beautiful.
    we enjoyed yummy cheese fondue at the Bellevue
    and an alpine beer (:
    one day, i will be brave enough for this.
    we had a little picnic here!  nice spot for one, huh?
    i love alpine houses.
    Lauterbrunnen is gorgeous and covered in waterfalls!
    and the most famous waterfall of the area – Trumelbach.
    Last Friday we traveled to Lauterbrunnen and Murren up in the Swiss Alps.
    We had such a fun day of hiking and breathing in the fresh mountain air.
    I am a total summer beach baby – but the alps could change this.

    Beach or Mountains: which do you prefer?