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    One More Day …

    You’ve got
    to enter the Swagg Shop Giveaway.  
    I figured I’d show you two more ways to style the swagg.  
    {tie a scarf around the waist}
    {wearing: black swagg; intyce SM boots; flea market scarf; joe’s jeans; black h&m top, h&m hat}
    {use a broach or pin to cover up the neck}
    The options are limitless!
    Run over here to enter if you haven’t already.  
    As for what’s currently making my smile this big … 
    leisure morning dates over cappuccino. i’mgonna miss you.
    especially when you are that pretty.  
    pretty mint green shutters.
    organic & local heirloom tomatoes
    frenchie art
    fall produce!  pumpkin soup… yummmm
    i don’t know what you are flowers, but you sure are exquisite. 
    hydrangeas so fluffy and lovely they remind me of clouds cherubs might rest on.
    basel’s famous little hat store.  Brad Pitt even bought a couple here.  
    biking around with this fella. 
    always enjoyable.
    Hope you’re all having a good Thursday!
    We’re headed to a secret location tomorrow … JB won’t tell me where we are going.
    that little stinker.
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