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    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Like I said in my little teaser… i loved Edinburgh.  
    Friendliest people ever.
    Maybe the only drawback was the fact that i gave up on doing my hair.
    as you’ll soon see.
    Also, I wish I had more time there.  but isn’t that always the case.
    here’s our little guide on sweet Edinburgh (:  
    … the place J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter
    …. and my ancestors hailed from.  
    {Walk the Royal Mile: from one end to the other}
    {go on a mercat history tour – to the underground city of Edinburg}
    {hike up to Arthur’s seat… crazy this is an old volcano!}
    {go to Hollyrood Palace… sadly it had closed that day as someone was staying in the palace}
    {buy all of your clan’s plaid if you’re scottish}
    {walk to Victoria Street … it is so cute!}
    {of course, visit the castle!}
    {the botanical gardens are incredible!}
    Eat & Drink in Scotland:
    {Drink whiskey at The Last Drop, which was literally the place they took people to drink right before they hung them … we didn’t know this until after we got a pint there.  thinking it was so cute. ha ha}
    Dinner: Mussels Inn
    {sea bass}
    {garlic and shallot mussels}
    We ate here for dinner as well, but sadly i didn’t snap any pictures:  The Shore
    A bite at the Red Coat Cafe for a snack per Aspiring Kennedy’s Suggestion too.  
    Lunch at Larder
    {asparagus and goat cheese tart}
    best whiskey sours. i’ve ever had.
    but then again, i had never had one until then.
    nonetheless, i’m certain they can’t get better.
    now i just need to watch the movie.
    {I could get lost in this little Cheese shop forever}
    {Don’t get me started on how good this fudge is from The Fudge Shop, on the Royal Mile}
    Love you, miss you Edinburgh.  
    {pronounced eggs and butter as Em explained to me… 
    and it really helped me with pronounciation}
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