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    Letters to Tuck // TWO!

    To my dearest Tuck on your second birthday,

    You are my dream.  You’ve changed my heart along with all of my priorities and I am so thankful for that.  As hard as it is for me, this having your baby grow up business, I realize that if I (in some magical world) kept you little from the start I wouldn’t get to know you like I do now.  And getting to know you is among my greatest joys.  
    When I think of words to describe you, these come to mind; loving, sweet, adventurous, funny, wild, determined, smart as a whip, and soo friendly.  You reach to go in strangers arms (a little alarming, but always endearing), you give me approximately five million hugs a day, you kiss my moles because you think they are owwies, you turn my head toward you randomly and plant one right on my mouth.  Being outside is your jam and you pretty much hang in our backyard until your heart is content.  Always stopping and pointing out birds, planes, and pretty much dying of happiness when you hear the choo choo in the distance.  You love playing in my garden and by playing I mean tipping over pots and shoveling soil in and out of places.  You bring me flowers sometimes but are just as proud when you find a leaf that you think I’ll like.   I’d love any leaf you bring me.  You’ll run to me like you’ve got yourself a peony to give your mama, and the look on your face makes me melt.  If Lola would let you, you’d snuggle with her all the day long, taking intermissions to chase (and subsequently terrify) her.  Thankfully Stella will let you snuggle with her and it is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  You love animals.  You aren’t afraid of any of them a bit either, but so curious.  You think they are hilarious.  You love cars, trucks, busses, and most of all – choo choo’s.  You were asked last week in Rome what your name was and you responded with : “Bubba”.  In a really raspy hysterical voice and then belly laughed afterward.  You answer to Tuck, John, quatro, John Bullock, and of course, Bubba these days.  I call you a lot of names you’ll one day find embarrassing – sugar bean, puppy, doll baby, to name a few.  You really love showing your belly button to random people in hopes they will tickle it.  This is awkward for me since I don’t know them but let’s be serious- pretty funny.  You love to talk about going to the bathroom but you’re not so interested once you get there.  Whenever you don’t get what you want, you ask for Nina and Bop Bop.  You’ve renamed pop pop to bop bop and he apparently “likes that name better”.  
    You are teaching me a lot.  To laugh with abandon, to not care what other people think, to be the first to smile at people, to find joy everywhere and especially in nature, to love, hug, kiss, and touch people with our hearts.  Maybe most of all – that the simple things in life are best.  You are a great example already and I know you’ll make an amazing big brother to our dear Wesley.  You love holding hands for prayer before our meal.  I love how you reach both your hands out before you get started, and sometimes, you are the one to remind us.  You love your soccer, music, and swim classes.  But soccer is definitely your favorite.  You love to hop.  Hopping is fun, I don’t blame you.  You are my silly, sweet, angelic, free-spirited, two year old today.  Your dad and I will love you forever.  No matter what.  We are so grateful to God for entrusting us with you, sweet angel boy.  Thanks for being you.

    “Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful marvelous night you were born” – Nancy Tillman

    the luckiest mama
    ps:  you picked out this book for me to read last night.  it took a lot but I did my very best not to ugly cry.  
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