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    poor, but sexy – berlin

    Last year I read an article where the mayor of Berlin called his city “poor, but sexy”.  I belly laughed.  
    The combination is awesome.

    Sooooo oh, by the way… we also went to Berlin.
    for one night.
    i know… such a tease.
    I must go back.  If only for the sheer number of hipsters they have hanging out everywhere.
    Can we all agree that hipsters are among the top three types of people to people watch?
    geeky glasses, girls dressed so cute i want to demand they take me to their closets – right now!, boys in skinny jeans, graffiti errywhere …
    It’s got to be the hipster capital of the world.  

    But what do you do when you only have 15 hours in a city?
    Well if it is Berlin … you walk the length of Thee wall.
    The heaviness you feel walking on the east side is intense.  
    It truly puts things into perspective – we have a ridiculous amount of things to be thankful for.  
    one huge one – freedom.
    there’s the swagg again! what can i say? once you wear it – you never wanna take it off.
    we stayed at the art’otel … inspired by andy warhol.
    when i clicked on the lights I exclamed “JB, loooook how cool this is” JB said “so cool, look at albert einstein!”  …. 
    oh sweet sweet JB, no, that is ANDY WARHOL.
    andy’s work lines the walls.
    As we were walking JB asked me the above question.
    i clearly had not seen the sign.
    i was all “no!  i don’t think i did?  who did?!” … then i saw the sign (;

    Lots more Russia coming soon.
    Just thought I’d share about Berlin first.  
    hope you all have a very fun and relaxing weekend.
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