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    Paris. le sigh.

    This weekend I wandered through Paris with the lovely Liz of From Portland to Peonies.
    We spent our time sipping cappuccinos,  chatting endlessly, stuffing our faces with good french food, and walking up to the Sacre-Coeur. 
    Next time I am in Paris I think I will park myself in Monmarte for the entire trip. 
    The next day was spent wandering aimlessly.  I think Paris is the best for that activity!
    Les Ponts Des Arts
    The bridge where lovers use a lock to lock their love in. 
    so so sweet.
    i love paris in the spring, fall, anytime.
    {the ceilings of Laduree, oh my good gracious!}
    this quiche.  ridiculous.  i want this morning, noon, and night.
    Oh Paris, I love you.
    don’t change.
    Till we meet again …
    In the Paris mood?  Here’s a post from the last trip.  
    I’m over at le fabuleux destin here
    an interview on Smashion here  
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