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    pumpkin patch playdate

    shannon kirsten

    COULD NOT BE CUTER!  Gives me baby fever!


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    shannon kirstenAll photos by Shannon Kirsten 

    Last night at the Pumpkin Patch with some of our babies.  Wesley had shots yesterday at his 18 month check up, so he was running a fever 🙁 and couldn’t make it.   I will have to take him back ASAP.  But how good looking is Blade the Dogo!  How cute is sweet baby Ava!  Tuck was really into the wagon and took a lonnnng time to pick a pumpkin.  When he did finally decide on one he gave one to Blade, so he could “look for treasure!  for gold”.  Silly boy!  He is obsessed with saying “excuse me” before everything.  My favorite was asking blade to get in the wagon “excuse me, blade?  get in my wagon” …  His Sunday School teacher taught him “excuse me”, we cannot take credit, and he’s learned rather quickly it gets him nearly whatever he wants.  Good manners opens doors (: