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    Before and After // DIY reupholster dining chairs

    before and after diy chair cushion recovery

    Back in February I stumbled upon these chairs, for $6.99(!!), and couldn’t pass them up!  I had a few people request to see how they ended up.  So here they are!
    After taking off the covers, with JBs electric screw driver, I used white lacquer spray paint.  It took a lot of coats, and five cans.  So about a can, and a quarter of a can,  for each chair.  I then used this site to help me reupholster the cushions.  I bought a staple gun at Walmart, and it was probably the most annoying part.  If I had to do it over, I’d just buy the pneumatic staple gun, which looks a thousand times easier than the one I had.  And pretty fun to use!!  I bought fabric off of Spoonflower.  But when it came in, it just didn’t work, plus I didn’t think the fabric would hold up well in our house.  My mom had bought me a beautiful tablecloth at Marshalls a couple weeks before, and I loved it so much!  It seemed like it would wear better than the spoonflower fabric, so I cut it up, and sprayed scotchguard on them.  My Scarlett O’Hara moment.

    I’m not much of a DIY-er, and recovering/painting these seemed like a fun but intimidating activity for me.  But this was actually pretty doable.  Just don’t look too closely — they’ve already had a bit of wear traveling back and forth for molly’s bridal shower!   Though I kind of love all the imperfections they have and ones they’ll pick up over the years.  stories!!  history!!  I’m all about it.