JB and I leave for Switzerland next week!  March 17th. Saint Patrick’s Day.  The history of Saint Patrick’s day is so sweet.  That little lamb just wasn’t going to rest until Christianity was spread all over.  Here’s a brief history of my last few SPD’s…
1.  2007:  I was climbing into bed after a long night at a beautiful wedding daydreaming myself to sleep when I got a call from JB.  He said he had to be honest about something- he was crazy about me and just had to tell me. right then.  (:  He was living in California at the time but that night it all changed.  for both of us.  we admitted to each other that we weren’t just friends and all that hot hand holding was real.
2. 2008: I had been sick for weeks and even after many doctor’s visits – no one had a clue.  UNTIL SPD 2008, my test results from my echocardiogram came back and my Doctor admitted me into the hospital for immediate treatment.  Little did I know that I would be moving in and out of blake hospital for much of that year.  Not to mention high risk open heart surgery.  Still, it was a good day… it was the beginning of getting better.
3.2009: Was spent on anna maria island with JB by my side on break from graduate school.  I remember sitting there and thinking how grateful I was just to be there and enjoying life with JB.
4. 2010:  This year I will be moving across seas to europe with a man who has stood by me through three cities, two major surgeries, two states, and  every bit of my insanity during graduate school.      Isn’t life surprising?  Even more than surprising, my life is an amazing story where God is present and real and loving.  Please pray for traveling mercies.  I hope you have the happiest st. patrick’s day!!

I’m going to miss all these guys! ( photo credit: jessica lorren)

and waking up to this …
JB is where home is to me now.  (:

( photo credit: jessica lorren)

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