swiss anticipation

Two posts in a day.  So, sue me. 
I’m so anticipating my trip to Suisse.  The countdown is in effect.  27 days to go!  I’ve been laughing about how I have become a true snowbird.  Constantly chasing the best weather.  We arrived back from Switzerland to Florida in November, when the weather is just right.  Then we left in December as soon as it got a bit cold, and headed to Panama.  Then we headed back to Florida once it warmed up.  
Soon I’m arriving in Switzerland during the perfect weather while I escape the Florida heat just in time.
Hi, I am an 80 year old in a 27 year old body.  
Soooo… here are a few things I’m looking forward to:
{alpine cow petting}
{reuniting with my bike and riding through switz, france, and germany in a single day.}
{seeing merian park in bloom}
{Consum for the best cheese platter a monger like me could ever ask for}
{not having to drive.  just ride!}
{evening wine on the Rhine}
{swiss hikes with this guy}
Most of all I’m looking forward to just having JB back. 
 This guy is the cream skim milk to my coffee.
Can’t wait for another summer abroad traveling with my favorite person. ever.
What are y’all anticipating?


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