a sweet tribute

my friends Pam & Jodi did the American Heart Association’s Heart walk in Nashville this weekend.
They walked as a tribute to, yours truly.  
What a sweet surprise &  how incredibly touching!
thank you schaetzlies! (swiss german for little darlings)
Pam and precious baby Wyndam in Debloom Designs head gear.
maybe you are wondering … what happened?
Two years ago I had strep throat which due to a heart defect led to a heart infection. a few mini strokes, two months of IV antibiotic therapy, open heart surgery and a thoracotomy.  It was a scary time but even in the worst I still had a peace that passes all understanding (thanks God), a loving family & JB.  And now here I am – in stunning switz, married to a guy who loves me even though I’ve had some “work done” 🙂  , and having sweet friends who’d walk in tribute to my little heart.  i am the luckiest duck.

if you’d like to know more you can read this or watch this

if you have a friend who needs the above plush golden heart (thanks ashie), 
or any other organ due to surgery.  

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