A Surprise Palm Beach Bachelorette

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to surprise Heather.  But we did! Surprising Heather is so much fun because she has the best reactions – she literally screams and squeals in delight.  And she did just that when I (who was supposed to not even be in town, wink-wink), opened the door to Sarah’s house.
She opened the door to a lovely party thrown just for her by the best hostess a girl could ask for.  Sarah V filled the room with heather’s favorite drinks, foods, and people.  What more could a girl want?  Maybe a huge monster of a limo to take her around town?  Check, check.  
*we used this company, no complaints!*

 We had the best night!!  
And the best part is that we’ll do it all over again in Vegas in May!  
custom sash purchased here 
Blushing Bride- muddled strawberries, vodka & champagne … i think!  so good.
Cami made her own dress!  it was incredible.  
with my old roommate.  obsessed with her.
Jodi @ Cucina on Palm Beach
Next post up:  A dinner at Kate’s house.  which will surely be my claim to fame one day.  

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