a summer salad + a leftover recipe

Since it’s a rare quiet morning in our house – Tuck is sleeping in?  Wesley has already been up and is down for his first nap, I thought I’d share our dinner last night.  We had my mother in law’s birthday dinner here yesterday.  I love that we use the formal dining room so much, whenever company or birthdays are being celebrated in our home.  Which thankfully is often lately.  She requested something light after a week in Mexico.  So a salad it was!  We topped the salad with chicken and salmon that JB grilled for some protein.  I am addicted to summer salads.  We have them at least a few times every week.  We pop into our farm stand almost everyday and I usually just pick up whatever looks good.  
Last nights salad consisted of:  three ears of corn – then after cooked -cut off the ear, 3 avocados, cranberry goat cheese, one and a half containers of mixed greens, a carton of cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds,  and a carton of fresh figs, halved.  hooray for fig season!  I just use olive oil, salt, and pepper as a dressing but have balsamic there in case anyone wants a little more flavor (me! always.  JB-never).  Of course I did a little short order cooking for Tuck… I roasted in olive oil, salt and pepper – asparagus and okra.  So weird but these are the two no fail veggies he’ll eat.  Plus he had some chicken and salmon.  For dessert it was a scoop of vanilla ice cream, roasted figs (roasted at 350 for fifteen minutes with coconut oil), crushed pistachios, and some avocado blossom honey from santa barbara that sweet (and amazing cook) amanda sent me.  One thing I love at the end of nights like these is the mess.  I love seeing the table, napkins all crumpled, bottle of wine finished, a candle to blow out.  Of course there’s a massive pile of dishes to be done but … it warms my heart to the core to have people I get to love, celebrate and honor with some food.  The mornings after summer salad nights have been especially yummy.  Perfect for a frittatta.  I just take the cast iron, spray it with coconut oil, mix four eggs, and dump the leftover salad in.  Bake at 350 for about thirty minutes, and yum!
Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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