Summer is Here with Janie and Jack

**Thanks to Janie and Jack for partnering with me on this post.  It’s been a brand I’ve loved since before we even started having kids!!**
What a fun day of a little fishing (Wesley doesn’t have a line on or a hook but shhhh because he’s still happy as a clam!) and ending it with an easy publix sub dinner at the beach.  Every time we do dinner on the beach I wonder why we don’t do this more often!
And how about those adorable swim outfits from Janie & Jack … 
 On the occasion that I’m shopping without kids … scratch that, I never shop with the kids!  You’re welcome Wes and Tuck.  But when I am shopping, even when I set out to get something for myself, without fail, I wind up shopping for the boys.  And I always pop into Janie and Jack!  I then hem and haw over how cute everything is.  I find an excuse to get one of the little ladies in our life a little something too.  Because the girl stuff there is too much!  But then their boy stuff is just as good!!  Janie and Jack makes it fun to dress little boys.  JB sometimes laughs at the way I dress my boys … It’s the Mississippi roots in my blood, I can’t help it!  But he loves whenever I put them in Janie and Jack.  When he saw Tuck wearing his new marlin swim trunks, he wondered where he could find his size … and when he saw Wes in his little euro trunks, he wasn’t wanting them in his size (ha!) but couldn’t get over how adorable he looked in them.  Thanks Janie and Jack for making dressing my boys fun, and timeless – even while they are swimming!
Have you picked up anything adorable at Janie and Jack lately? 
**thank you Janie and Jack for sponsoring this post** 

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