Suisse Saturday

Truth be told i’ve been in a little funk.
post vacation blues along with the fact that reality is going to strike soon.
i had my once every six month cry-a-thon which was therapeutic.
While I cry JB tries to make me laugh, and it works, but then i go back to crying, 
which causes us both to laugh.  
it’s so cute.  i tell you what.  
ok so it’s actually not cute.  I look like a total freak show when i cry.  
Anyway, the funk was short lived.  thank goodness.
I do know in my heart that fear is the opposite of faith.      
The future is bright – wherever we end up. 
Today we went to the flea market and then down to markplatz to buy some produce. 
 i love old things and fresh veggies.  what an odd combo.  
{steve madden boots, j.crew riding leggings, f21 knit top, old navy sweater, flea market riding helmet}
two in love bikes (:

put this on the list of things i wish i would have bought.

there’s that mint vespa again … love finding her.
we stopped in for JB’s fave beer – Leffe Dark
i love this guy/ the fifth beatle. 

Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday!
Just you wait for monday – something sooo fab is going to be given away – maybe it’ll be to you! (:

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